Hating winter running... and what else is going on.

By Julia - 16:04:00

Okay, hating is maybe too strong but it is hard to stay passionate about running during this time. When I think winter running I dream of snow and yes, probably cold and yes, probably wet feet but all of this because of the snowy winter wonderland outside. After a beautiful run in perfect conditions: blue sky, snow, forest, frozen nose and after getting nice and cosy with a hot shower and a hot chocolate under a fluffy blanket... I wish this was my reality!
Instead, the cold comes with wind and rain, not snow. The sky is grey mostly because it's pouring. It's dark so early that running in light is hard to do if I don't get out first thing in the morning. My playground: congreed, sidewalks, puddles and the parks are not even fooling my dog into believing we're in nature. When I come back, there is no hot shower nearby and hot chocolate I can not have because of weight control... I change into my comfy clothes which are full of dog hair, same goes for the nice blanket I wrap myself in.
So, of course, it's hard to stay motivated and keep it up during this time. I struggle. City life is not doing me any favours here. That's me complaining.

But you know what's coming? I go see my family for the holidays, in fact I go one day after my fight (crossed fingers that my legs will not be too fucked up). And everything I dream of now will be waiting there for me. Snow not for sure but the chance is higher even for that. And all the food...

In the end, all is fine I guess. And when I peek out of the window I can see a tiny bit of blue sky...

How are you doing? Winter training at it's best? Or dark city life like me? Let me know!

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