My Fitness Week// November 2019

By Julia - 17:37:00

November, really? Time flies. Here is what I've been up to workout-wise. I told you in my last post how I'm struggling to settle into a routine and still I'm working on it. But we'll get there.

Muay Thai in the evening. We did a lot of clinch work and I really enjoyed it. Plus I teamed up with one of the best fighters in my gym. I love when this happens because he pushes me to try hard and go beyond exhaustion. I felt like fainting but didn't which is a successful session to me!

The dog and I went for an easy 8km run in the evening after doing some stretchy Yoga. Stretches are everything at the moment and I should do more of it. I always do stretch after training but get so stiff still. My shoulders are constantly tight and when I do boxing on the regular I feel like I'm growing a hunch... can't be good.

Did a little more Yoga. I picked out a YouTube class which turned out to be more strength-based than what I anticipated - lots of plank and dolphin (the enemy of the tight-shouldered woman)... however, I luckily still had time to go for something more stretchy after.
Later I went for my Muay Thai class. Wednesday is sparring and I ate some hard punches: always when new people start sparring they usually go too hard because they don't know what they're doing and they mostly lack self-control. It's a learning curve for sure but the first few times sparring with new people isn't fun.
Well, I came out with a bruised lip and a sensitive nose (luckily not a proper bruised one). Carrying visible souvenirs from Thai boxing can feel both ways: sometimes it's funny since it really confuses people, sometimes it's not because I bet people will first assume I'm the victim of let's say domestic violence before they guess I go training hard or fighting.

Felt so sore this day but still went to an evening Muay Thai women class which I very much enjoyed. My arms are sore since Monday where I did probably too many push-ups. If my trainer says to do something, I do it. In no other area of my life do I like to be told what to do but I will push until my trainer tells me to stop. It's a trust thing too for sure and maybe a martial arts thing too?

Morning run, yay. I don't manage to go running in the morning often at the moment and what a pleasure getting it done. My arms and shoulders complained during the entire run (wtf?) - annoying. Did my best to relax but nothing helped.
Traded evening training for television and early dinner. Made me feel a little bit lazy but I made training plans for Saturday, so I think I'm good.

My training date didn't happen which took the decision off me to turn this one into a rest day. Well, not really: I had to do quite a bit of handy work around my home so it was a very active rest day.

Thanks to Saturday rest day I could feel my arms again! A great feeling that I celebrated with a 15km run together with my favourite - the dog. I even got on my mat for a little bit of Yoga to wrap up this week.  Hopefully fresh for the next one!

And that is it. Another fitness week during which I complain quite a bit about physical issues. But maybe that's even interesting? Kind of a view behind the training or the side effects or just the stuff that comes with training more than average maybe? Let me know! Excuses to complain about sore limbs are very welcome.

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