Running In Algarve, Portugal

By Julia - 17:28:00

Portugal is all over a place worth visiting. Especially in spring when everything is in full bloom and nature shows it's wildest and most divers side. The west coast of the Algarve region is full of beautiful places waiting to be discovered. It helps that well-marked hiking trails wind all the way along the Portuguese coastline. If you're road tripping it's definitely worth to stop the car and hop out to explore snippets of these trails. Well, at least that's what I did.

Here are some pictures of the long run I did in the area around Odeixce, right on the border between the Algarve and Alentejo region.
I found a nice round course with around 26km which was a nice mix between coast and inland.

I decided to go through the inland part first and finish along the coast. Mainly because I wasn't sure how well the trail would be marked and I didn't want to risk getting lost in the end (along the coast sounds easy).
Marking was perfect and I stuck to the course without any problem.
Turns out: A fun decision to finish running on tired legs trough sand...

Sand. And thorny bushes. Yay!

A good mix of scenery makes all the difference on a long run for me: if it changes I feel like I'm actually going somewhere. I started running through pine forests, passing some remote farms and meeting barely anybody.
Around halfway I passed through Odeceixe. It's a beautiful small town and would make a perfect rest stop too but for me, it was too busy and I was in go mode. I still stopped for a moment at the old windmill to enjoy the view and take a picture.

The windmill is on the highest point. From there I ran down these tiny cobblestone roads towards the sea.

On I went to Odexeice beach and off onto the coast trail, along the rugged cliffs, the Atlantic on my right all the way to the horizon.

My legs feel tired but still, it's so much fun.

Now fries.

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