Post Run Feels #4

By Julia - 13:25:00

I'm going through a little bit of a rough phase at the moment and there are two ways how this translates into fitness: either I can absolutely not be bothered or I get slightly fanatic.
I don't do any Yoga at the moment - just because I'm emotionally not in a place where I can just sit with my feelings and let them run through me. My processing is not that advanced yet. Same with strength training: I can't be bothered and it's just not a priority.
But I run. Every day.
Running helps. It frees up my mind and gives me the ability to think more goal focused. More in a "what needs to be done" instead of desperation mindset.
I start and I don't really feel like running but after a few kilometres, the knot loosens.
I wrote before how I like that you just have to push through when running because you're somewhere out there and you have to get back somehow anyway. There are no shortcuts (at least not if you got some distance between you and your destination). This translates to life very much at the moment. I'm in a situation where I just have to push through and as always everything will eventually be solved. But it's hard to be patient stand the uncertainty.
So when I go out to run I not only push through my run but also my current situation. My mind switches into problem-solving mode.
Today I came back from my run having the first idea of what I need to do. To me having a plan (doesn't matter how rough) changes everything: it gives me a feeling of control and perspective. And my mind just went there and got it done while my body ran.
After I got  home I felt a little bit better.

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