My Long Run Essentials

By Julia - 15:02:00

The long run. If you want to run further there is no getting around them. Every time I go to be out running for hours there are a few things I always pack. So here are my long run basic essentials if you'd like to know!

Anyways good to bring a phone for safety reasons I guess. Luckily I never needed it but anything can happen.
But aside from bringing a phone because of sanity - a playlist or podcast or audiobook can really help during the long run. When I'm out in nature with the dog I don't need to listen to anything else than my surrounding. But during a longer run, it can help me to get in a rhythm or to break the time down in smaller snippets. I have a weekly podcast I save for my long run and I always look forward to taking the time to listen to it. And I have a playlist downloaded too in case I need some music.

A no brainer... depending on how hot it is and how long I want to be out for I bring a bladder with just water and a small bottle for a tailwind mix.

Buff Scarf.
Never underestimate the difference it can make bringing one of these! I use it when it gets windy and/or when I get cold. It's a lifesaver and probably helped me avoiding cold multiple times. Since it's light and small there is no reason not to bring one.

Maybe not the most necessary depending on how long you wanna be out and how you digest (or how often and how fast you feel like you need food) but here are three reasons why I like to bring snacks:
1. When I get hungry I GET HUNGRY. The feeling of hunger during an activity is for me sudden and strong, I get a distinct feeling of weakness which is unpleasant and not helping my performance.
2. Its something to look forward too and sets milestones. Set before when you want to consume something - at a certain time or distance - and keep working towards that. Plus I keep my fave thing till last!
3. Experimenting. Figuring out what works for you and what you can stomach.

Waterproof Bag/Ziplock Bag.
Unless I know 100% that the weather is not gonna change for the duration of my run I bring one of these. Just in case. Packs are mostly not waterproof and I don't want my phone ruined if I happen to get showered!

Obviously. My nose is running, I have to pee. Carry f.e. a dogshit bag as well for used tissue and leave no trace!

Some Coins.
That's one that I should do but I sometimes forget.
Last weeks scenario: I've been already out for about 11/2 - 2hours. along the coast and pretty warm. At my turn around point was a cafe selling ice cream - I knew the way back would be gruelling, I'd be facing the wind -  but no coins!
Aside from getting a treat, it might be a good idea in case you have to get a bus back if something goes wrong!

Well, all that stuff has to go somewhere right?

What are your necessities on a long run? 

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