What I Eat In A Day// April 2019

By Julia - 17:54:00

I love posts about food and I'm always curious about other peoples eating habits. If you're anything like me you will like today's post. Here is what I eat in a day!

Breakfast depends for me on different factors which basically comes down to temperature, time, did I already exercise or am I planning to and what's in the pantry. I went for a run in the rain this morning so I felt like having porridge. I love having a warm breakfast after getting a little cold and porridge fills me up for quite some time too.
Here is my favourite way to make it: oats, flaxseeds, nuts, banana, a tablespoon of nut butter in a bowl. Add boiling water, stir and wait a moment until the oats soaked up most of the water. Maybe I add a little bit of milk (oat milk is my favourite) if more liquid is needed. If I have anything fancy like berries or cacao nips I'll add this on top but mostly I just add cinnamon.
And of course, I had some coffee too. I like mine half coffee,  half oat milk with, again, cinnamon and cardamom.

With me at all times: a bottle of water. Sometimes I add a little bit of lemon. Water is possibly my addiction: I never go anywhere without it and if I go to bed without water nearby I dream of dying of thirst... (which kinda justifies my collection of water bottles).

My partner made apple pie the day before. Never say no to snacks! Super simple recipe: All you need is pastry dough, apples and nuts, maybe some spices. Grind the apples, chop the nuts, season with cinnamon (did I mention that I love cinnamon?) and roll the whole mix into a sheet of ready flaky pastry dough (maybe you need two sheets depending on how much mixture you wanna fit in). Bake at medium temperature till the whole thing turns golden. Very delicious!

Tea time.

I normally get hungry again in the early afternoon. So had some avocado on bread with parmesan and sprouts on top. I grow them myself and like them as an addition on bread or as a snack. It's super easy and sprouts are very healthy too.

Dinner is my main meal of the day. I know that's not necessarily recommended but that's how it fits best in my day and my body doesn't mind as long as it's not too late. And I basically cook every day. I wouldn't really call it a hobby: to me, it's more of an essential if I want to eat healthily and be in control of what goes into my body. It was a bit of a leftover cooking today: quinoa (I prefer the Tricolore), steamed broccoli and some tofu fried with onion, garlic and tomato puree.
Simple but tasty.

That is it! Maybe a piece of chocolate after dinner.

Let me know if you enjoy reading these as much as I do!

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