Running Log #6

By Julia - 13:38:00

Let's talk speed!

New spot - new workout! I am now by the coast and I am absolutely loving it. Seaside is way more busy than all the inland and it takes a bit of adjusting to this kind of vibe. But still, being by the ocean gives me this ultimate holiday feel.
The area I'm at is not secluded at all, it's very touristic and full of all the hotels and resorts that come with it. Luckily it's not holiday time so it isn't crowded yet.
But it seems to be some hotspot for athletes: during most of the day, the dirt road close by is used by runners. And not just any: fast people in colourful, professional equipment (so neon is a thing, huh?).

I love to watch! And even though I don't want to run in a group myself just running among fast runners makes me push a little harder (competitive person in general...). So what's closer than doing some speed work? Honestly, I skipped this kind of workout a lot recently. My excuse: I just love to adventure run around with my dog, exploring. Instead of just watching my pace and run along a road...
I like to run fast though and the exhaustion and shaky legs after a good interval workout are very rewarding to me!
So today my plan is to go for a good, speedy session. I don't know yet which one I'll pick but here are my favourite speed running workouts. I will not mention the number of repetitions I do to give space for your personal adjustments - if you start a new speed workout first thing is to figure out where you're at before setting a goal. How many times you should go for any of these interval style workouts is therefore for you to be set after estimating your fitness.

Switch:  Maybe my favourite and definitely more of a fartlek workout than a strict speed exercise. I switch between speed and recovery every 45 seconds. I don't set a target pace for the speed intervals to keep it versatile. I most likely chose this kind of speed work if I run in very uneven terrain with sections of sand, tarmac, hills, you name it.

Speed up: Start for 5 minutes in a pace that gets your heart rate into a hard effort zone. Follow by 2 minutes 30 seconds with an increased effort. Follow by one minute with an even more increased effort. Repeat.
It took me a few tryouts to find my target tempos in this one. Plus I create target zones instead of a fixed pace (for example aiming for a pace somewhere between 4min 30seconds/km and 4min 50seconds/km).

Interval: Speed for 500 meters followed by one-minute recovery.

Of course, I start every workout with at least 10 minutes warm up and finish with at least 10 minutes to cool down. None of my speed workouts is done on a track at the moment (just because there isn't any) so I like to not get overly strict with them in regards of consistent pace.

Do you work on your speed? And if so how? And where?
Let me know!

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