Running Log #5

By Julia - 11:29:00

How good it feels to be done with a workout! I love working out, pushing hard but still - being done is just glorious.

Monsaraz, Portugal

Because I'm travelling at the moment I roll with whatever my new surrounding throws at me. So yesterday I arrived at this spot, surrounded by hills with a hiking way down to a river. Short way, lots of steep. Logical to replace a long run with some hill repetitions. And I just finished. How do you feel about hills? It's clearly a love-hate thing. I grew up in a very hilly, almost mountainous region and I just love everything that comes along with it: the views, the change in scenery, running downhill.
Doesn't mean that I just cruise up every ascent - on today's uphill I had to walk quite a lot. But feeling your body working hard - the lungs, the muscles - brings a special sense of satisfaction. And when you're up there, on your highest point, it's almost like weights are lifted off you and you fly.
I guess if you don't enjoy the uphills but you want to incorporate them more, try to work on your mindset first.
Try to find a feeling of joy in your body's work.
Doesn't mean you can't find it difficult: I acknowledge how hard this is quite a bit at some point and it makes me feel strong. Tell yourself it doesn't matter how you do it if you do it.
I promise it will be very rewarding!

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