Review: Ruffwear Roamer Leash

By Julia - 14:10:00

Talking dog equipment today! I love to take my dog with me on all outside adventures. And it's nice to have equipment that helps me do so.

The Roamer leash is an expandable leash for running which is supposed to sit around your hip so you have your hands free and to give your dog the space to move around you without interrupting your rhythm. It comes in two different lengths, size M with a 1,7m length extending to 2,1m and size L with a 2,2m length extending to 3,4m.

Right away I noticed the quality of the leash: the flexible band is sewed into a 25mm wide strap and feels nice and sturdy. And even after longterm use, the elasticity didn't fade.

To wear the leash around your hip you simply adjust the length of the loop (up to max 1,2m). By reducing the size of the loop you can use it as a handheld leash as well (a part of the loop is padded for this purpose)
Worn as a belt the leash sits comfortably on the hips, doesn't cut or rub on your skin. Plus it's very lightweight so I barely feel it. When I run it sometimes rides up a little and I have to push it back down - I definitely prefer to have the belt sit around my hip and hipbones instead of my waist but that's a minor inconvenience.
Aside from the belt there is handle right behind the carabiner (called Talon clip) which is very practical if you need to hold your dog close for a moment.

The Talon clip is a one hand carabiner which is light and easy to handle even when you wear gloves.

While I run my dog mostly moves in front of me and aside from allowing me to have my hands free (for a handheld bottle for example) it does a great job absorbing sudden stops or an excited forward leap - which we both profit from: I don't get off balance and he is cushioned.
It's great too for him to get the distance right in which he moves ahead of me. As soon as he increases the distance too much he'll feel a gentle resistance (the flexible band stretching) without the need to correct from my side.
So we can both focus on running which is what we love to do!

This leash is definitely a helpful tool and we can only recommend it.

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