My Fitness Week// April 2019

By Julia - 13:21:00

I haven't done one of these in a while but I'm excited to bring the fitness week back. This is an on the road version like the following most likely will be too (I'll be travelling for another month or so).
Starting a little unusual on a Thursday.

First thing after getting up and ready is walking the dog. We had a really nice stroll along the beach and over the cliffs.
When I got back I rolled out my mat for some Yoga. I love when I manage to do this so early in the day! It sets me up for anything else in the best way possible. I either do a stretchy flow by myself or follow along Cat Meffan (here is a shorter version) or Lizette Pompa (here you'll find a shorter version by her).
In the afternoon I went for a 22km long run which I postponed for the longest time! The weather was changeable all day: a storm was about to come in but it was still quite hot and it was very windy on the cliffs but not as soon as I went more inland - seaside I guess! But when I finally made it out the door it was fun. I took the dog for my last little 5km loop and picked up ice cream in the town with 2km left to go. And the weather semi held up as well!

A driving/shopping day. Not much exercise. Knowing that it's mostly like that (a day just passes unbelievably fast just by packing up, driving, shopping, settling) I went for a longer morning dog walk and I could use some rest anyways after yesterdays long run.
I did a little bit of stretchy morning Yoga too.

Easy run for about 6km - just exploring the new place. In the afternoon I got on my mat for an extended Yoga practice which means I did a proper warmup, some power flows and worked on some of the things I want to nail.

10km run in the morning including a speed workout - went fine and I enjoyed it but it was a little bit too hot already when I got out and I could feel it! Running gets so much harder when the temperatures are up. Never would I sign up for any racing in the heat!
Later on, I did a bit of a leg, glute and abs workout followed by some stretchy Yoga (which I managed to do every day of this week so far - yay!).
I finally wrote a new training plan as well. So I'll see how this works out in the upcoming week!

5 km right after getting up (before the sun gains too much strength). And my favourite morning Yoga session after (today Cat Meffans energising morning flow - see above!)

Aside from my walks, I took this day off. I had planned to do some extended Yoga but then we ended up driving to a new spot and including some shopping and stuff we had to do on the way it just took up almost all day. After arriving I was very hungry and opted for a family walk instead of following the original plan.
I don't mind being flexible with my workouts - I even need to be. While travelling so much can get in the way. The weather, for example, is a huge factor since I do all of my workouts outside.
But it teaches me not to postpone too much and to use these windows of sunny weather (or time) when they occur.

Morning 13km run. And what a beautiful one! It's telling that I wrote about the weather as an example yesterday: today was full of wind, clouds and rain. I do like to run in this (I sure prefer this instead of heat!) even though it admittedly takes me longer to get out in the morning. I definitely need a coffee to prepare me for what's out there. But then running in the wind just feels wild in all the right ways. No need to tell that I was pretty exhausted afterwards though!
The weather cleared up a little in the afternoon and I spend some time doing exercises - today shoulders, chest and arms - a little bit of stretchy Yoga and even some Muay Thai with my partner.
By the time I got to bed, I was ready for it!

How about you? What's your favourite weather to run in?

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