How To Train While Travelling

By Julia - 16:25:00

I mentioned it now multiple times but here it goes again: I am travelling at the moment. The trip I'm on is a longer one - I'll be on the road for about 2-3 month in total - and I move around in a van.
When it comes to my fitness this is way too long to take a full on break. And why would I? It's beautiful around, the weather is amazing and I do have some sport related goals throughout this year.
So here are my strategies on how I stay fit and improve while travelling.

First up would be how to find the motivation. And I do understand the mindset of taking a break from exercising while on holiday - but I'm not on board with it. Of course, a workout can be exhausting, challenging and sometimes frustrating. Reconsider your approach to fitness in general if that's all you are thinking of before a workout.
How about the rewarding aspects? The good feeling of a body in motion? The satisfaction?
Your body loves to move. Maybe your mind is not quite there yet but it stays true either way. Or maybe you just didn't find the kind of workouts you're enjoying?
For me being active is part of my everyday life and that doesn't mean I am crushing it every day. I do feel too lazy or unmotivated as well but establishing a minimum of movement is worth the effort. And it always sets me up for a better day.

Walks are a great exercise. Even if they don't necessarily make you sweat, don't underestimate the effect of just moving on a regular basis! It's a great way to get into exercising.
That being said, I live with dogs. Which means I go for walks every day (which admittedly would not happen without them). It's actually the first thing I do almost every day. Sometimes we're out there longer sometimes we just go for a little stroll. And even if I do feel too lazy sometimes there is just no way around it (a dog is an unshakeable reason for movement). Even if it's a lazy day seeing their joy makes me happy and we end up being out for longer than I anticipated.
When on the road walks are such a good way to explore your surroundings if you have a dog or not. Remember: the first steps are the hard ones. I don't think anyone regrets being out for a walk ever.

Basically same story. It's my favourite to explore places (because I cover more distance too than walking) and to connect my exercising with spending time with the dogs.
It's fun to do too when visiting cities - why not run around finding the spots you want to see.
Sometimes it can be hard to follow a training plan while travelling. I solve this by adapting to my surrounding very much. There is a hill or mountain nearby? Great for some uphill training. Lots of flats? Time for speed. You just have to use what's given and not be too rigid in your approach.
Make up some fun workouts when you get somewhere and roll with it!

Strength Workouts.
The weather where I'm at is just beautiful at the moment and I must admit that is essential to this one. I don't have enough space in the van for a proper workout and being a little cramped in doesn't make me want to exercise either. A mat outside in the sun on the other hand...
I do have a little bit of equipment which is totally not necessary to build some muscles, there are great bodyweight exercises and they are definitely the majority of my workouts. And youtube or even Pinterest are great places to get started if you have no idea.
Still, incorporating weights at some point can be great to go a step further. And you don't need all the stuff that's out there: I use kettlebells (I have 8kg and 12kg ones), ankle weights and resistance bands and with that, I'm covering all the workouts I need.

A morning Yoga setup.
If you're following along you will know that Yoga has to be on my list. Because I have time I try to do at least a little every day. I love how I can choose how much intensity I need on that particular day. Maybe just some stretches, maybe I need something to get my energy flowing.
If you're not into it - give it a try! Yoga is very complimentary for other sports and it for sure improved my flexibility, strength and balance (aside from what it can do for your mind).
Tipp: The mat I use is a very basic one, so I never worry about it when I roll it out wherever.

There you have it! I do some Muay Thai with my partner as well but that's obviously very specific and depends on being with a person who's into it as well (otherwise I'd have to stick to shadowboxing or drills) which is why I'm not gonna go deeper into that.

How do you stay fit when you travel? Please add as I'm always curious to try out new things!

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  1. I love exploring on the run too - my running gear is always the first thing I pack for a trip. And, admittedly, I often plan my trips around races, runs and events...!

    1. It's so much fun right? And all the scenery changes keep me easily motivated...