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By Julia - 14:44:00

This is me, trying to settle in a new circumstance, new surrounding routine. And how to do it better than writing about my not-at-all routine week! I set out to go travelling again and am currently enjoying life in Portugal. I do feel a little sad to leave winter behind but the sun is just giving me so much energy these days. Nothing better than being able to do all my workouts outside.
So if you'd like to know, here is my fitness week while on the road!

I had a long run on Sunday so I was trying to give my legs a little break. The weather was just perfect blue skies and sun (burned my face a little bit too) so getting out and on the mat is an easy thing to do! I did Yoga for about 1 1/2 hours, a little bit of strength and a little bit of stretch, followed by some kettlebell exercises: I really start to get into these. I work with an 8kg kettlebell (the only other option in my household is 12kg) at the moment - if you just getting into kettlebell workouts better start out light. I focused on upper body and arms here (break for the legs as planned). It was so satisfying! The boost you get in motivation just from being able to do this stuff outside is enormous. Nobody around in this case just some distraction from happy roaming dogs! Perfect.

Morning run. Not pushing mega hard but still putting the foot on the gas a little bit. Eight kilometres with a little bit of gain in height.

Yoga. Only a little bit. I was busy building something for the van and the evenings are still cold here so a 20min practice was all I could squeeze into the evening. Without Shavasana - the ground was too cold already.

I started my afternoon with some Yoga again - I try to fit some in every day while travelling, it helps me to not get stiff and to get moving. I just get my mat out and then figure what I feel like doing - a more intense flow or some mindful stretches. This day I made it my workout: a lot of long holds and working on strength. Perfect set up for a little bit of pad work. I paused my Muay Thai training for a bit and I just started the process of easing back into it. I missed it for sure!

Yoga in the morning. Sun is up, yay!

I know, running came a bit short this week... 13 kilometres today, half of them accompanied by my boyfriend on the bike. And because we are by a  lake a post-run calves icing was included (love this.)

Yoga and kettlebell exercise - targeting the whole body.

While I finish this week of fitness I realise that running isn't much of a theme here. Well, since I'm travelling it is very much up to the spot how motivated I am I guess. Meaning I still have to find my beat a little bit. But we'll get there. Also, just thinking, maybe you would be more interested in the actual description of my workouts? If so let me know!

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