Post Run Feels #2

By Julia - 15:14:00

What? February?

Getting back into a groove... what a hard thing to do. I feel like spending so much effort trying to build routines. Is it like this for everybody?
First the obvious: I didn't write much (or anything at all) during the last two month. I want to say mainly because I was busy but that's only half true. Let's say I took a little rest time. I needed it - I felt lazy and unmotivated. Mind and Body.
But now I'm over this hill. The physical motivation and joy are back for a few weeks and I started building again. And the mental side is getting up there as well! I start to feel inspired again-finally! The plan is not to plan for the rest of February and then jumping in a little bit more structured training.
Which basically means first thing back to tracking. I run without a watch since getting back into it which I really enjoy for now. But since a week or so I do gaze for my watch sitting on my desk before I head out which means everything is getting ready to step up training again!

Maybe all the time routines aren't for me. My life feels very cyclic and the lesson is to flow with it. Push when you have to, rest when you need to. The satisfying feeling of things falling into place - and remembering everything is part of this process even when you can only overview it in the end.

That's all the wisdom for today. I had a very nice run in a forest that feels like spring hope yours was/is fun too!

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