Monthly Favourites// November 2018

By Julia - 14:31:00

Yay, Winter! I don't have to mention again that I love the colder seasons... here is what I liked most in the past month!

Activity #1: Walks.

Well, I do live with a dog so this is a little bit of an all-year-everyday one but this time around I really enjoy the fresh cold air, getting cold (and the warming up in front of the fire at home), frosty grass, frozen lakes... just some snow as well, please?

Activity #2: Muay Thai.

No surprise here too if you follow along. I train hard at the moment and I'm loving it! I leave Copenhagen in a bit and the gym is gonna be number one of the things I'll miss.

Food: Spiced Coffee.

I should rename this into favourite beverages...
I have coffee every morning. I drink mine half milk (favourite: oat milk) and top it with cinnamon and turmeric (and cardamom too sometimes). Because it tastes just so delicious!

There you have it! I know it's not a long one this time but I feel like I'm living in a bit of a bubble at the moment with everything going on - which leaves me with a restless brain. So I just have a hard time focusing on writing. But hang with me, times are about to relax again!

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