Fight Prep// 2 Weeks To Go

By Julia - 20:30:00

Only two weeks (a little bit less even) and I can feel myself starting to peak. Training is more intense when it comes to pad work and sparring is done (in order to not get injured before the fight). I get a lot of coach attention now and all I try to do is to listen, bite down on my mouthpiece and get it done. My body feels fit and strong (I gained quite a bit of muscle during this whole process). There are still aspects where I don't feel ready but by now I kind of accepted it - I read a quote about how you are never really ready for anything (can't exactly recall it - sorry) and I just dove into this mindset. Another Aha-moment happened to me when I realised that some of my mistakes come from being to tense. And I knew that before but at this point, it just sunk in and I loosened up and got to a place where I'm having more fun as well (weird how this sometimes happens - you know all of it but then you actually flip the switch).
I haven't been running aside from at the gym and I might keep it that way until after the fight. My Achilles was still not hundred per cent when I ran last time and I just don't want to risk it, I know my fitness level is gonna hold up without the extra exercise (which amazes me) so I'm not too worried about it. As I go along on this ride I start seeing the fine line between overtraining and being fit as well: it's hard to figure out when to push and when to rest, it's a lot of tuning in and listen to your body. So not running on sore legs might be a good choice anyway.
Plus I sleep a lot (I settled at around nine hours per night). And I eat a lot as well... luckily I am right in my weight class and my weight is pretty stable too so I eat whatever really (not total crap obviously - but stuff my body is craving).
So, the countdown is on, kinda...

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