Random: Figuring out Prorities.

By Julia - 15:38:00

Copenhagen sky.

It can be so difficult to set them. And it can be same difficult to accept that they are necessary. A lot of it has to do with expectations on what we can fit into our days or how much our body is able to do (especially when it comes to sport and training).
At the moment I don't feel like I get enough running done. But for what? I'm not in any plan or working towards a specific race. Still, I feel like I should be constantly improving. But right now, I can not. I just have to focus more on my Muay Thai (I have scheduled fight coming up) and I can only do so much. It's a funny feeling: running is way more part of my everyday life all year round and if it comes down to it, it is more important to me. I don't train Thai boxing all the time - simply because I need somebody to train with. And because I move and travel so much I just don't have the infrastructure to do it all the time. And even less time that I spend in a fully equipped gym with regular training. I have that now and I like to dive into it deep when possible. But shifting my other activities to make space for it can be tough. Not even so much timewise but the amount of energy I have and trying to walk the fine line of 'enough' and 'overtrained' (and potentially end up injured).

Edit: I finish this post to go public after I decided to take a week or so off running. Not voluntarily but I have a little thing going on and I am really scared that it might blow up into something bigger if I don't put on the breaks now.

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