My Fitness Week //Still October 2018

By Julia - 14:58:00

On to week number two in this series. Still very much enjoying the season but it gets dark earlier and the air starts to feel infused by that winter crisp.

Those evenings.

Yoga and Muay Thai. Muay Thai training was pretty intense and sometimes (like today) I left not only tired but a little frustrated as well. I am quite competitive - mostly with myself -  and it's a side of me I don't particularly like. So appreciating the process of getting better is something I do struggle with. Not everytime but when my expectations are too high and I can't get anywhere near them (which is, I realise while writing this, complete nonsense and being too hard on myself. Because I did work really hard and gave what I had.). So I went home after this training and felt like crying in the shower and feeling very sorry for myself.
All I can do in moments like this is trying to realise and follow what's happening inside of me. Acknowledge it and eventually pick me back up and move on.

Autumn is doing its most up here and I couldn't be more in love with the season! Mild weather,  blue sky - naturally I went for an easy run accompanied by the dog. We went down to the sea, rescued some jellyfish which were washed ashore and soaked in the beautiful morning. How to better start a day...

Ha, last week I explained how I am almost never sore - today it hit me. I struggled to climb out of bed because my legs were not with me. First I assumed I overdid it a bit with running after the Monday training but during the day I figured, I may have pulled a muscle: I did a lot of kick drills on Monday which is what I decide to blame! I skipped Muay Thai. Did some slow and stretchy Yoga instead. Had to help my legs move all day.

Nothing. I was pretty busy and didn't feel like anything else. No running, no Yoga but I still live with a very active dog meaning that non-fitness days still always include around 1 1/2 to 2 hours of walking or cycling (mentioning it because I feel lazy writing about a day without workout - can somebody turn the swith off for a moment?)

Muay Thai in the evening. Seemed like it the trainer wasn't in the best of moods - we did so many drills for arms that my triceps cramped and I slightly felt like fainting at some point. It's funny because everybody is dead in the end - there is a lot of room to push yourself, no matter which level you're at. If you keep it up it makes you very strong. Compared to any other sport I did it's a wild mix of working out - lots of condition but at the same time, you have to manage intense energy outbursts.

Finally, I did my long run. I still struggle a bit to find back to my schedule. Last Tuesday was too busy to disappear for a long run and during Muay Thai days it would be too much (obviously). But this Saturday was perfect: I prepared Lasagna and Cinnamon Rolls and when I got back (after 25km) I shoved everything in the oven, showered and had nothing else to do but to enjoy myself (and the food). Food preparation is just the best idea ever for exhausting workouts.

All Yoga. Sunday mood.

So far documenting works well for me. I often feel like I could do more - but reading what I actually did puts things in perspective sometimes. It might actually be a good idea to write things down...

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