My Fitness Week //End Of October 2018

By Julia - 15:36:00

So October is coming to an end - can you believe it? I feel like the year is wrapping up so fast!


Waking up to a beautiful morning. Blue sky and very windy. And because last week I wrote about that perfect start in the day I did it again.. running down to the sea, wandering around there for a bit, letting the dog throw some sand around and being our happy selves. And because it was so windy and I got my head freed it felt amazing to come back home to coffee and be cosy for a bit.
And Muay Thai in the evening.


It's Tuesday morning as I write this, knowing that there ain't gonna happen much today. First of all, I still feel that little twitch in my Achilles and second, the weather is all Copenhagen today: grey, rainy, windy. Makes me really happy that I used yesterday for my easy run! So I am just aiming to spend some time on my Yoga mat today.


Another sparring session in the gym. Getting home I feel battered and tired. It's funny how the adrenaline doesn't let you feel when your body gets hurt. Of course, you try not to exaggerate when sparring but the heat of the moment gets many and even light kicks and punches add up. I spend a good amount of sleep on my acupuncture mattress (oh, how I love that thing) and hope not to feel too stiff tomorrow...


Tight shoulders. In need of some Yoga. And because I don't feel like running I spend this extra time on the mat - a little bit of stretch and a little bit of sweat. Today is one of the days where I feel yesterdays training, I felt tired all day and a strong awareness of some of the muscles I used and some of the spots I got hit. Nothing else to do about this than resting it out


I went into acceptance mode... My Achilles still kind of bothers me (meaning it's not super painful but I feel it and I shouldn't) and I decided to pause running for a while. Hopefully, it gets back to normal soon. I don't want to go as far to stop training because of my fight but we'll see.
On this Friday I went for Muay Thai and I felt very tired and exhausted during and after. But I pushed it and felt satisfied with my effort.


All week I believed I could do a nice long run this weekend.. but now I take the break (which is the right decision - I know). So I had a very lazy Saturday only getting up to do a little 20 minutes Yoga practice (and dog activities of course). Why not?


Same same. Just relaxing. And Pizza is planned for today's dinner. Very excited about this. Plus winter kicked in today and it almost snowed (rain was partly frozen, just not quite cold enough yet.). Makes me half happy, because I love snow, half sad because I'm not gonna be anywhere close to winter activities for another two months...

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