Running Log #1

By Julia - 12:22:00

This week I started a new training plan.
Which is always exciting. Maybe a little bit uncommon is the fact that I'm not really training for any particular race. My life is just very unpredictable so knowing where I'll be four month from now is just impossible. Luckily I do prefer smaller races which normally allow a very last-minute sign-up. Plus I just enjoy training and don't really need one big reason - aka the race - for it.

So after already doing two faster workouts earlier this week (one tempo run with strides and one speed-interval workout), I went skiing yesterday - all day. You know, I started my morning on tired legs. Perfect for some heart rate training! I tend to be to inpatient to run in a certain heart rate area but I know it would benefit me to pay more attention to it.. and it works well as a very easy-recovery-shake-out-run.
 My goal was to stay between 65% and 75% which means for me lowest 120bpm and not letting my heart rate go much over 140bpm (with 190bpm as my 100%). Let me just tell you: there was a lot of walking involved. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to run slow (or easy I guess). Especially if it isn't flat where you run.
I did a few strides in between for 15 seconds each just to get my blood at least a little bit pumping! But finished my run with an average of 140bpm. Ha!

My tip if you're doing this kind of training: don't pick the worst weather for this. I don't mind running in cold or rain but if you have to walk in between you just cool down quite a bit.

I have to incorporate this way more in my training for sure!

Do you have experience with HR training? You do it? Any advice? Please share!

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