A break and coming back from it.

By Julia - 15:56:00

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Wow, I've been gone for awhile! A lot of things have kept me from writing these past months. But now life is calming down a little and I'm in the mood to sit down and write again.
I arrived back in Copenhagen just in time for autumn -  how could I ever miss any of these always grey, wet and windy winters... I know, don't ask.
Being back here means I can finally get back into a normal workout/fitness routine too. I'm back in the gym training Muay Thai and I'm working on a more consistent running schedule. AND I have a space to do Yoga as well. Perfect.

Brings me to this: Do you also struggle with building a sustainable workout routine? Figuring out the balance of getting where I want to be, what I want my fitness week to look like and not overdoing it and getting injured or burning out is super hard for me at the moment. I feel lazy if I don't do what I think I should be doing (in my head). But then I try to listen to my body (which sounds so good but is really hard to do). And if I feel tired or unmotivated, maybe because I'm coming off a cold or being sore, I immediately get unsure if it's my body asking me to slow down or my mind being lazy. How do you figure out? I let you know when I know... or you let me know if you know!

And since we talking struggling: How hard it is to clean up a diet! I got a bit in the sugar cave when I was working a lot... it's almost impossible to not have any when doing 10 hours plus days. Well, I know if I restrict myself a little while my cravings fall back into place and I get over the mad sugar cravings I'm dealing with right now. To be clear: I'm not trying to avoid sweet things in general, I just don't want these crazy I-have-to-have-a-biscuit-NOW... but it's difficult because sweet stuff seems to be everywhere. I let you know as soon as I'm able to skip the after-dinner ice cream habit...

So that's whats going on. But I'm happy and happy to be back. Enjoy your autumn!

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