Running In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

By Julia - 12:52:00

Post run swim, mid-run refreshment for the dog, beautiful scenery - a lake is a great place for a run.
To no surprise when we check for places to stay while road tripping a lake nearby is worth a try.

We found a really nice spot by a lake in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine which had just the right size to run around.
Following roads, forest tracks and trails more or less around the shore added up to 15km.

We had perfect weather for a run: not too hot, bit cloudy but dry.

This time of year is just a pleasure: everything is green and lush and the temperatures still allow midday running.

Even though it was a weekend day we barely met anyone - just cows watching us as we passed by and quiet farms.

It was a really easy run, with plenty of swimming breaks for the dog (his favourite), the perfect end to an awesome trip.

Of course, I'll be back.

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