Post Run Feels #5 - accidental long run.

By Julia - 22:55:00

When I left for a run today I was planning to be out for maybe about an hour. Not even at my usual running time but my schedule didn't give me much choice so I went in the early afternoon.

The planned route is one of my favourites, almost entirely through forests and a lot of ups and downs. I do at least roughly have in mind which way I want to take when I head out - no different today.
Until I reached a crossing and my plan went out the window... I decided to take a turn which would lead me to some lakes - thinking that the dog can take a dip and cool down (he loved it). I never actually took this trail before but kind of knew where it would lead.

Sometimes when I still increase the distance to home I seem to get confused... I see the kilometres on my watch but unless I scratch on the double digits my brain doesn't calculate the time I'll need for the way back. So I stay in the "it's not far" zone. Does this happen to anybody else? Please tell me I am not the only irresponsible runner out there!
I did not even take water! On a hot, humid day... Luckily I am smart enough to include enough streams to have the dog sorted (not too difficult around here).
Well, at some point I did realise that my quick run had turned into a long run - accidentally - and we slowed down a lot and took breaks.
Why my inner explorer chose this day to come out is a mystery to me.
Crawling uphill while fantasizing about sparkling water with apple juice  - and how far 3-4 kilometres can be all of a sudden!
When I end up in these, let's call it uncomfortable, situations I always think it's good that I undergo this now. Do you know what I mean? Imagine a storm while you're out: Now you're in it and you're adding this experience to your collection. Next time you end up in the same thing it will be more familiar (so far my theory).

You won't be surprised that we made it home by ourselves and healthy without collapsing - yay! Last weird decision of the day was adding an extra hill just to hit another stream for a final dip. I watched the dog get in, drinking, swimming a little and happy I was.

What was your last accidental adventure?
How do you feel about them when they happen?
Do you underestimate distance too?

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