Monthly Favourites// May 2019

By Julia - 14:02:00

A collection of random things I've been loving in May!

Bright Coloured Nail Polish.
(Orange Attack by Maybelline.)
Make-up is not so much my thing but I love nail polish and have quite a big collection.
Okay, I have to time it well in order to be able to keep it intact for a little while (at least on my fingers) but that doesn't stop me.
Looking down at my feet and getting all the summer vibes - I'm here for that!

Tiger Balm.
My favourite cures-all-remedy! I smear the red one on my back and aching muscles so the heat can soften them up. That works for me after a day with a lot of sitting - long car rides give me a back pain related headache more often than not - or a tough workout. Careful though: not only does the red tiger balm get really warm, it stains as well. You want to keep it away from light coloured clothing.

The white one is my first try if I have a headache: I put it all over my forehead and my temples. The cooling effect from the menthol helps me a lot. Attention: You want to be prepared to close your eyes though when you put this stuff on your face: menthol will make you cry if you don't.
Aside from a headache helper the white one is great to clear up a stuck nose.

When you start using tiger balm be careful. Maybe start by trying it on a small area to figure out how it feels for you before going all in.

Teva Sandals.
Some say ugly I say comfortable! These are my summer go-to sandal. I wear them on dog walks or hikes and my feet are especially happy in them after a long run.

Homemade Ayran.
I crave this so often post workout and since I figured out how easy it is to make this yourself I'll have Ayran all summer long. And of course, I want to share this with you!

1 part yoghurt (vegan works perfectly fine too!)
1/2 part water
pinch of salt (depending on your taste. You want it to taste salty though.) 

You can add some leaves of Mint, Basil or Lemon balm if you like.

There you have it! What are your current favourites?

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