Running In Araba/Álava, Spain

By Julia - 16:13:00

I spend some days in the province of Araba/Álava in Basque Country, Spain.
Naturally, I had to run around a little bit to explore my surrounding. And I want to share a few pictures of this run with you.

The way I followed was a trip around the reservoir of Ullíbarri-Gamboa - well, I did not tackle the full round which would've been a 42km run. But thanks to a bridge it is possible to pick between two smaller round courses: 32km or 13km. And because it was a hot day and I wanted to bring the dog along I went for the shortest of all options.

It is a beautiful area to explore: mountains on the horizon, the path winds along the shore almost all the time and you can spend the time watching many different species of birds in and around the water.

I ended up running the small round twice (on two different days) because it was so enjoyable!

Let me know if you enjoy this little snippet of my travelling life. I for sure could deliver something like this more often.

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