Monthly Favourites// April 2019

By Julia - 16:30:00

And May it is! Time flies. As always. Here is what I enjoyed during the month of April if you'd like to know!

I know I probably move places more than most but travelling around like I do at the moment is just different. I've been to so many spots seeing so much of this beautiful nature it fills my heart. I catch myself having a lot of happy moments and very consciously being satisfied with life. I absolutely love it!
So if you think about planning a trip for yourself - do it! Recharging the happiness and self-care bar is the best investment I can think of!

Beaches for breakfast.
Gear: VaporHowe Hydration Pack by Nathan.
This is my pack. I use it every week at the moment: the heat makes me need more water and the weather can change fast by the coast. But this pack fits everything I need and it's very comfortable. I'll do a review for you in the near future!

Food: Kiwi.
Ha, that's a little random maybe but I rediscovered the Kiwi! I grabbed some at the market the other day and I'm hooked since. They make a perfect combination with Banana in my morning porridge and they are a real superfood. They contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, a lot of fibre and a lot of Potassium (learn more here).
Did you know?

What made your favourite list in the past month?

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