Post Run Feels #3

By Julia - 15:47:00

That wasn't today. Similar vibe though.

Writing this while sipping some fennel - chamomile - caraway tea. Postrun. Not my beverage of choice - normally I would go for a coffee. Of course well deserved after my exercise (isn't it an awesome thing to look forward to when a run isn't perfect?). Not today. Because at some point during my so far beautiful run - blue sky, single track through bushes along a lake - it turned out I caught a bit of a stomach bug. Did this ever happen to you? My stomach started cramping and it only got worse when I fell into walking. No way to ignore it. It was a something around a 10km run and it appeared (how else) somewhere midpoint.
One of the aspects that really draw me to running is that you are mostly relying on yourself: when I'm somewhere out for a run and something happens I am the one to deal with it. Let's say I get tired because of overestimating. What you wanna do? Feel sorry for yourself a little bit but that's not much fun if nobody is listening. Teleport yourself home? Ha!
Well, you just have to push through somehow. Sure walking is an option but then that takes even longer to get you somewhere.
So that's what happened today. I felt for myself because it was not fun anymore but I kept pushing and got back home feeling exhausted. Somewhere along the way, I thought what a good lesson this is and how it's gonna help me push through the non-fun again. In running and in life.

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