Fight Night

By Julia - 18:53:00

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So it happened! I had my first fight.
It's already a while ago but I just didn't come around to write about the experience because I was just too busy (plus I needed to digest the whole thing for a bit too).
First of all, I lost by points. Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed but it quickly dissolved into just being proud of myself. And it was a close fight.

Luckily I was up quite early on the card which was exactly what I hoped for - fight and enjoy the rest of the night in perfect relaxation. I was very surprised at how calm I managed to stay during the whole warming up process and almost all the way up to being in the ring. The modus was a bit like just swimming with the flow of events. Once the fight started I struggled a bit to find a proper fight mode - honestly didn't expect how difficult it is to punch or kick somebody with all your power... having a hard time switching from sparring into fight instinct was definitely one of the reasons why I lost.
But I left the ring happy and on a high (what a great feeling it is!) and I will step in there again for sure!

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