My Fitness Week// All The Training

By Julia - 14:48:00

Ha, my last post being Fitness Week - didn't happen can lead to the assumption that there is nothing going on... well, it's quite the opposite. I am just very busy and honestly didn't feel like writing about my overboard fitness life because it might not be as interesting the way it is these days. Let me give you an example:

Muay Thai, normal training.

Muay Thai, warm up with everybody then me by myself either strength training or on the heavy bag.

Muay Thai, sparring sessions.

Muay Thai, same like Tuesday.

Muay Thai, normal training.

Muay Thai, open gym. Sparring or Technique.

Rest day.

I do run a little sometimes but because my Achilles is still not a hundred per cent I keep this very easy. Yoga I should do more - I obviously stretch every time I train but making space for just Yoga is definitely a goal during the ongoing week.
And this is what I do! I guess it will more or less stay like this for another three weeks, that's when my fight is, and after we go back to a more moderate training rate! So I'll just pause My Fitness Week and you can read all my thoughts and feels during fight preparation here if you're interested!

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