Fight Prep// 1 Week To Go

By Julia - 00:11:00


So close! I am in the last week of preparation, just very few training sessions left and a little bit of resting to do. And I got to the state of calm excitement... which surprises me, to be honest.
I do struggle with social anxiety and the thought of doing things in front of others freaks me out. But I feel like I've had so many moments of discomfort leading up to this that it kinda turned my gaze inwards. And I can not believe that it's me writing and especially feeling this.
I made peace with every possible outcome: I might lose. It's just the two of us and one has to lose so I may as well be realistic enough to consider it could be me. I do want to win. I want to make my coaches happy and show what I can do and what I learned from them. But if I lose nothing changes: it's not embarrassing for me - let's face it, nobody cares! But the one thing I really hope for is me doing my best fight (and maybe somehow magically a bit better than I ever did in training - ha!).

The moment of me walking into the ring, all ready to go... what will I feel? Which instincts are gonna kick in? Who am I as a fighter? Can't wait to find out...

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