My Fitness Week// ....Didn't Happen.

By Julia - 13:38:00


All the text here is extra. Because it's said in the title.. there was really not much going on last week (I write this retrospective.). But let me tell you what happened.
I did go to train Muay Thai at the gym on Monday and Friday but stuck to my running break and I had to work (including through a full night which always throws me off balance). I should have done more Yoga, at least for my brain but I couldn't get myself to do it. Now looking back it seems I had a very off week in general - and with off I mean not feeling myself and not being content.
I still feel like this a little bit but decided that today is gonna be the day to get back on track.
Plus I caught another cold (again - seriously?) and I'm still stuck with the leftovers.
So this really is my week in a nutshell.
Time to let go of the past week and look ahead for this one: healthy, re-energised, ready to run again (fingers crossed)!

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