Running Log #4

By Julia - 15:08:00


Isn't it hard to always follow a training plan? Do you do that? And if not always, when do you? According to race dates? Or to personal goals?

Well, for me all of that is very vague.. of course, I want to run longer, faster and faster for longer. I do have ambitions - but my goals are not very concrete. So how to set up your training for improvement?

First up my training is very much intuition. I strongly believe in listing to my body and following its needs. Plus I do not have a strict everyday routine, my work is very flexible -which can be both a blessing and a curse.
One of the goals is that I do one long run and one hard tempo run (a run with a target pace for a target distance) a week. If it didn't fit for whatever reason or I get sick it's about getting back on track as fast as it makes sense. I try to be as mindful with my training as I can so another principle is to never push a hard workout when I don't feel like physically. This one can be tricky and might not work for everybody. It does make a lot of sense for me since I overtrained my body in the past and I try to find a way that's sustainable. Trying to differentiate between how my actual physical condition is or if I try to make excuses is definitely something with a learning curve...

To sum this up: I have two runs in my week in which I aim to improve - the pace in my tempo run and the distance in my long run - the rest stays consistent and helps me to use my running not only as a performance but as an outlet and fun activity without any set targets (when I take the dog, enjoy the weather, movement or whatever it is...). Most important learn to tune in with your body and try to accept that every week's performance can be very different.

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