My Fitness Week //October 2018

By Julia - 14:20:00

How about I tell you what kind of activities I do during the week? Aside from maybe, it's fun to read and follow it could be a perfect little tracker for myself.

Autumn, bragging.

I go train Muay Thai on Monday which aside from the technical training itself includes a cardio-CrossFit mix. Needless to say that I'm pretty exhausted afterwards. This week I did a little bit of Yoga before which I mostly do by myself and for around an hour.

Even though Tuesday is at the moment my long run day I didn't go for a run on this one. I was sick for about a week which rattled my schedule a bit - I had the long run on Sunday instead after skipping the Tuesday before. So I took a rest day with a bit of Yoga (helps so much when I do relatively intense training - I rarely suffer sore muscle or stiffness if I keep up my Yoga routine!).

Muay Thai in the evening and Wednesday is sparring day. I come home, shower, eat, collapse.

Ha... easy run planned but didn't happen. Because I went for a hiking trip with my favourite ones. I had the belief I would squeeze a run in in the evening - illusionary I know because when we came back from the sea everybody was hungry and in need of cosiness (the tide was really high while we climbed around the cliffs and all of us got at least wet feet). No run but who cares really? I had a super fun day and looking around now I see happy sleeping dogs which fills my heart even more plus I absolutely needed a city getaway. It's all about being flexible right?

Seaside fun.
Because I neglected my running a little bit this week I went for an easy 10km in the morning together with the dog. I don't take him on all of my runs simply to make sure we both get what we need. If I do speed workouts I have to focus and wouldn't have the patience to let him do his thing as well. It feels better to be present with him when we go together if that makes sense. Easy runs are perfect for that - we take all the stops for him to sniff, pee and check out everything that seems interesting. Not like on a walk obviously but it's about both of us enjoying to be out there.
Plus I did some Yoga again - I feel like I need all the stretches and slow body movement right now.
To round the day off I had another two hours of intense Muay Thai in the evening...

The day before was pretty full fitess wise which made me take another rest day. I don't really schedule my rest days, I just try to listen to my body. Do I feel tight? And why? Can I shake it out or should I rather do some easy stretching and rest? I often find it harder to tune in with myself and actually follow through than to just be pushing it. But it's the way to improve. I had a bit of a sensitivity on my Achilles for a week which I obviously want to heal out but without stopping training. It's a fine line to balance and I'm learning every day how to maybe do it.

Yoga: a little bit of power, a little bit of stretch. And speed training over 5km (plus warm up and cool down which I don't track).

Let me know what you think! Is that interesting for you? Definitely interesting for me to reflect back on my week - let's try to keep it up.

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