Monthly Favourites //September 2018

By Julia - 21:35:00

Autumn is here! And I'm all excited for it. I love the colder seasons and almost everything that comes with it. Even though I'm gonna spend a big chunk of this winter in Copenhagen. Which means most likely lots of rain, humidity, wind, darkness and not so much snow, crisp coldness or mountains but oh well, it's not always a matter of choice! So goodbye summer adventures, hello cosiness.
Here are all the things I liked in September.

Activity #1: Late summer running.
Of course, the first one is all about running! The big heat is gone and finally, I can go out at any time of day. Feels so good to smell the first bits of autumn air but enjoying to still have some warmth.  Perfect to spend long days out with the dog (who wasn't so much into the heat either!).

Activity #2: Yoga.
During the last year Yoga very much developed to be my other sports sidekick. I don't say this because I don't believe in Yoga by itself - because I definitely do! But it is such a perfect addition for basically everything else! I build a lot of my strength through Yoga - plus balance, flexibility and body control. It plays a big part in my recovery as well. And the physical is only one aspect - a bit of introspective (for example with the help of meditation) never hurt anyone too... I definitely want to share more about my Yoga journey as we go along.

Event: UTMB Race Series
A highlight of the years that's for sure. So much to take with me from this place it's hard to describe. I went with my sister and my mother for a week of mountains and cheering and absolutely loved every bit of it! The crazy contrast of a buzzing town and the calmness in the surrounding mountains and all of us shed a few emotional tears watching people finish their races. If you ever have the chance to go - even if it's "just" spectating - do it!

Food: Smoothie
Smoothies: an all-time favourite for me. The time to have one is definitely post-workout. Helps me over the gap of stretching, showering and proper meal preparation. The one I made over and over in September:
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Bananas
  • Oat Milk or Coconut Water
  • Flax Seeds
  • Chia Seeds
  • Almond Butter

I wish I could have one right now actually...

Gear: Salomon SenseRide
The shoe on my feet. Travelled with me to Chamonix on the beginning of the month - only accompanied by a pair of hiking boots and they are all I need really. I normally try not to wear my running shoes too much in my not running time but of course, that's different while away. These shoes are the comfiest thing ever and I love running in them (you can read more about that aspect soon). A perfect everywhere all around shoe for me!

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