Cinnamon Rolls

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Raindrops on the roof, the wind howling around the city. I look up and the sky is all grey...
That pretty much sums up today's mood. And what would fit better than getting all curled up and enjoy the cosy side of the season?
I love baking for the joy of the result. It's a good principle to keep consumption of sweets down to the ones you make yourself for the obvious reasons: You can't just grab and eat and you know exactly what you put in your body. So if I find the time I bake. And this is one of my favourites.
Remember that you can always change things according to your preferences! You prefer whole grain flour? Great! There is no reason why it wouldn't work just as well.

Imagine the smell of warm dough and cinnamon...

  • 500 gr flour 
  • 80 gr sugar 
  • 80 gr margarine 
  • 42 gr fresh yeast or 7 gr dry yeast 
  • 250 ml (vegetable) milk 
  • 1tsp of cardamom powder
  • Bit of salt 
  • Margarine, cinnamon and sugar for the filling

To activate the yeast you warm up the milk slightly (Don't boil it! Yeast cultures die in temperatures higher than around 40°C. You just want the milk to be handwarm.), add the yeast and a tablespoon of the sugar. Let the mix stand for about ten minutes, it will start growing and bubbling which means the yeast is working. Mix the dry ingredients - flour, sugar, cardamom, salt - and add the margarine and the active milk-yeast mix. Knead everything into a smooth dough. If you use your hands: the dough is perfect when it stops sticking to them. You can add a bit more flour if needed. Let it rise for about an hour. It should double in size.

Knead the dough again and roll it out flat. Melt some more margarine (a good tablespoon full will be enough) and spread it on the dough. Leave a bit on one end uncovered. Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon all over the margarine.

Roll into one long snail. End with the uncover bit, it sticks together better that way. Now a long roll should lie in front of you.

Cut circa five centimetre thick rolls from it. You can either just bake them on a tray or place them into a springform. However, leave them to grow for another hour before putting them in the oven.

Bake for 20 minutes on a medium flame or around 10 -15 min at 200° c.

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