Running Log #3

By Julia - 15:08:00

All the time to explore.

It's been awhile...

And some of the time away I did spend in a motivation slump. Which is a very normal occurrence - I do spend a lot of time running since quite a while. So no, I don't always feel super strong and if I don't it's not like I just relax and enjoy for a little while just running on itself. At least not every time. I am a competitive person and with all the data collecting I know exactly how strong I can run on a good day in a good phase. That can be a crux...

Luckily I am normally aware that I'm just in a momentarily motivation low which will eventually pass. Still, it doesn't feel nice - I just annoy myself with the struggle to get going (we all know: as soon as you're out of the door you're fine.).

There is one trick though that helps. I quit collecting and I quit comparing: I leave my watch behind. Not easy I know. But it helps! It brings back the simple joy of running. The time where we weren't as deep into it and when we didn't call it training or before we calculated our improvement. Don't get me wrong I still run for fun (who am I fooling? I absolutely love running!). And I do runs without any goals but I tend to plan them out: maybe a certain distance or aiming for a low heart rate. Even these runs I very much enjoy - I like to spend more time with running than only the actual time on my feet (pretty sure you know what I mean.).
But if it gets all a little bit much I leave all the statistics uncollected on the trail. Stepping out of the door for some runningormaybewalking - let's see how we feel! Just me and some dog company - however long, short, fast, slow...

You do that sometimes? Always? Never? I'm curious to hear!

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