Post Run Feels #1

By Julia - 16:16:00

I did a surprise (okay, half surprise) long run today. Surprise because I couldn't get out until late afternoon. Half surprise because it was actually a planned one but I didn't think I would do it. And then - I did it! Felt very good. Got 20km done, including some nutrition practising: I had a gel (this one) and a fruit bar. The gel wasn't my favourite but it went down well and no issues. It's nice to try many different ways of nutrition just to train to be flexible with it. And it can break a long run down into smaller sections.. it's parc running for me at the moment which means I always struggle a bit with boredom and to some mid-run snacking is very welcome!

Another trick to get excited for being out there longer: I save my favourite podcast  (comes out once a week, goes on for at least 1 1/2 hours) for the occasion - I'm not allowing myself to listen to it before.

Plus I made myself some Banana Pudding (because of cacao cravings..) when I came home. Here is the recipe in case you're interested.
* 2 ripe bananas
* 2 tbsp yoghurt (dairy or plant based)
* 1 tbsp nut butter (I really like almond at the moment)
* 1-2 tsp raw cacao powder

Blend all together. I topped mine with hazelnuts and chia seeds.

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