Random. Menstruation Blues

By Julia - 19:54:00


It's this time of the month...and to be honest I struggle every time quite a bit - at least on the first day.
So I most likely go for a little walk or easy bike ride with the dog and if possible back to bed after. It's all about trying to somehow push through the day (and keeping that hot-water bottle close by)...

In case you're in the same boat...here are some helpful bits from around the web:

This blog post. Because I can't get enough of running. So connecting it to my right now situation. Yes, please.

This video. For a little bit of gentle movement to ease the cramps.

Tea always comforts me - and these should be the best ones for right now (plus an overall informative site.)

Maybe something to binge on? It's a nice distraction and a good kickstart for some daydreaming... 

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