Running Log #2

By Julia - 18:54:00

Post-Run Pleasures.

Spring! Feels like all of a sudden. I love winter but who can resist spring? Running finally in shorts and t-shirt - I have a strong urge to run far and fast (anybody else?).

And it's about time to get some speed in those winter legs.

There is no track in sight where I'm at at the moment but a lot of beautiful nature. I normally switch my speed workouts to be measured by time instead of distance (just because it's more reliable) if that's my current environment. Today I did ten sets of 45seconds speed followed by 45seconds recovery. To just get back into it I don't set myself any goal pace for the speed part and just roll with how I feel and what's in front of me. Add around at least ten minutes before to warm up and another ten to cool down afterward. This really playful version of gaining speed feels perfect for these first warm weeks when I'm not ready to get into any workouts that require more discipline. Because for now, all I want is to be out there and enjoy spring!

If you wanna go deeper in or check out other intervals with this kind of approach: It falls in the category of fartlek (Swedish for speed "fart" + play "lek") workouts (of course there is a name for it!). It's definitely a nice staple for your weekly running plan.

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